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 Dedication, Strength, and Leadership




Brandon Gooden Clokey


Born in 1970 in Canton, OH, Mr. Clokey has continued to beat the odds of a potentially life-threatening illness that has been with him since birth. As the adopted son of William and Dorothy Clokey, the stage was set for success. At age 18, Mr. Clokey formed a business with the help of his father that included preliminary residential design and consulting. Local companies immediately sought out his services to help establish CAD networks and in-house instruction programs. After attending college in Cincinnati, Mr. Clokey relocated to Columbus where he worked as an adjunct CAD Instructor in The Ohio State University landscape architecture department. The following year he became the youngest faculty member in the history of Columbus State Community College, where he taught Architectural Cad for several years. While spending over 20 years in Minnesota, Mr. Clokey has served as a CAD Visualization consultant on commercial projects with Best Buy, Target, The Duluth Children's Museum, College of St. Scholastica, and the Bismarck, North Dakota International Airport.



Elizabeth Rose Clokey


Born in 1993 in Columbus, OH, Ms. Clokey has also endured unique challenges and obstacles in her childhood that would have left most youth damaged and scarred.  Now at age 25, Ms. Clokey seems poised to follow the road to a positive and exciting future as those before her. In 2015, she became an Associate Partner of the Clokey Companies to oversee Hospitality Development and Planning. Ms. Clokey will focus on development, research, and growth trends to enable our restaurant and hospitality division to grow in the local community and beyond. Previously, she studied advanced culinary in San Francisco, California., and is currently a professional chef. She also brings a quiet but powerful understanding of what it means to encourage and empower each other to rise above as individuals while promoting excellence through inner strength and confidence. We are blessed to have her back in Ohio, working with us and allowing Clokey Companies to grow and move forward.

Clokey Companies

Serving - Empowering - Uplifting - Engaging



  • We are committed to encouraging and empowering each other to rise above as individuals, while promoting excellence through inner strength and confidence.


  • We are committed to paying a LIVABLE WAGE to every employee. We feel our commitment to our community should extend to a person’s true worth, dedication, and personal aspirations, and simply not a bottom line that only impacts a few.


  • We are committed to uplifting EVERY INDIVIDUAL CLIENT and providing services that allow them to progress forward based on their own goals and lifestyle. Far too often in our community, we see services by those with predetermined agendas who have not, or will not take the time to know and understand every client as fellow members of our community. We believe in the client and will reflect that in all we do.

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